The Clifford Trio

The Clifford Trio

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vicki Benedict Williams

I am proud to report that my daughter, Valerie, will be starting at Davidson this coming fall semester as a freshman. Our visit to the campus in October must have paid off as she fell in love with the school and applied under the Early Decision program. The weather here in Phoenix is perfect (75) and the smell of the citrus blossoms is wonderful.

Vicki Williams

Commercial Real Estate

Jonathan Washburn Candidate District Court Judge


I am running for District Court Judge in the Fifth District of NC. This district contains New Hanover County (Wilmington) and Pender County (Burgaw).

Some relevant information is contained on this invitation, which is extended to anyone who might happen to the coast on May Day. I am particularly looking for people who will play guitar or keyboard during this four-hour Jam Session.

Thanks for your continued good service…


Phil Gladden


I just discovered Davidson 78 blog after receiving my latest issue of the Davidson Journal. Thanks for keeping us updated. I've enjoyed reading about classmates.

Here's some info:

I graduated from Union Seminary in Richmond in 1983, then returned there in 1986 and received a Ph.D. in New Testament in 1992. My wife, Nancy Jackson Gladden, is also a graduate of Union. We served as co-pastors in Rocky Mount, NC and Roanoke Rapids, NC, then moved to Wallace, NC (30 miles north of Wilmington) in 1998, where I have been minister of the Wallace Presbyterian Church. Nancy serves as the stated supply pastor of the Oak Plain Presbyterian Church, a small church in the country. Our almost 20 year-old son, Jackson, is a sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design (which gives me a good excuse to catch up with Glen Darbyshire) and our daughter, Natalie, is a sophomore in high school.

Living in the land of UNC and NC State fans (with a few Dukies thrown in), it's been fun to root for the Wildcats in the NCAA's the last few years, especially when they just missed making it into the Final 4.

Phil Gladden

Mike Daisley

Bruce –

Having held your secretarial position loooong ago (sadly many Davidson-related things can now be described with the introductory phrase “long ago”), I feel your pain. Those pangs of anxiety as the Class Notes deadline approached have been refreshed in my mind (one of the few things) by your email request.

The main news on my end, involves a young man in my household who turned turn 15 yesterday. The many classmates who have “been there, done that” with the turbulent teen years can relate to the topsy-turvy turmoil. (Not enough alliteration, yet? Read on.) Suffice it to say that with a high school teacher for a lovely and long-suffering spouse, and a high school freshman for a wonderful and wickedly wondrous son, my skills as a certified mediator can get a pretty good workout sometimes around the Daisley household. (OK, now that’s definitely enough.)

After honing those mediation skills domestically, I do occasionally get paid for them. My law practice in civil litigation keeps me busy, if not necessarily productive. Politically, I am still pretty active in Charlotte. (I am often the “Democratic activist” that WBT Radio calls, on those few occasions it ventures away oh-so-briefly from its right-leaning radio talk-show format. It was most fun playing that role last November during live election night coverage with a Davidson poli-sci professor and a “Republican activist” who also happened to be a Wildcat alum, giving commentary on various races including the election of Charlotte’s new mayor, who guessed it…a Davidson grad.)

I see where our classmate Mr. Washburn has thrown his hat in the judicial/political ring. He has mentioned that he is currently, “accepting advice on the qualities of humility, wisdom, patience and tolerance., so here’s mine. Just ask yourself, Jonathan, WWCLD -- “What would Cora Louise do?” (By the way, Jonathan and I had a marvelous conversation with Dr. Nelson at the last reunion. Having heard that she recently passed away, still very sharp until the very end, I am even more grateful for it.)

For better of worse, Mr. H, that should help you fill some space. Hope all is well with you!

Michel C. Daisley

Gilliam Skinner

Dear Bruce,
Mercy how it makes me feel old to be trying to sum up where my life is in just a few lines. Like most everyone of my patients, I am concerned about where health care is going and all the misinformation floating through the political world only makes it worse. You would not believe how many times I have been asked whether patient's medicare will now be taken away from them. My practice has aged and I mam spending most of my time with octogenarians and entirely too much time in the intensive care unit. My wife continues to work in my office with me. Ashley has graduated from Clemson and Rebecca is a junior there. We are all looking forward to another week this summer fixing houses on Lady's Island with the Saulkahatchie summer service project.
Hope you and yours are doing well. Thanks for the email contact.

Gilliam Skinner

Bill Vinson / Mary Amos

Hi Bruce,  Barbara and I have enjoyed running into Mary Amos and her husband Mike several times over the past few months. Most recently was in Savannah as we were waiting on a table at a restaurant and Barbara saw Mary, Mike and their daughter outside looking at the menu posted on the wall. They joined us for dinner and we had a great time talking about the water tower and other Davidson escapades.  Bill

Jarry Taylor


Thanks for pestering us for news! Jarred '06, whom some Gray Housers met at our last reunion, will finish up his two-year gig at Google this summer (legal assistant to the Product Counsel team) and start law school in the fall (Janet and I both tried to talk him out of it!). He's been accepted to a few, turned down by a few, wait listed by a few, and expects to make a decision by May 1. Wilson graduates from the Naval Academy in May, receiving his commissioning as an ensign in the Navy, and reports for duty in late June to San Diego for a two year tour--not a bad place to be for two years. If you want to see his ship, Google USS Makin Island. He'll then enroll in nuclear school in Charleston, SC for six months, followed by six months of hands-on training on nuclear reactors, then his last two years of his 5-year commitment on an aircraft carrier somewhere, making sure the nuclear reactors are making plenty of steam. We're living a "Davidson" moment in the NCAA tournament this year--Wilson's classmate from high school (graduating class of 50 students) is Cornell's starting guard, Louis Dale, who is having a "Steph" of a tournament so far! Janet and I continue to grow old, hurt in places that are not supposed to hurt, but are enjoying the ride!!

Jarred O. Taylor II